Finally. The aurora borealis.

We’ve lived in Alaska for five years.
This is the first time I’ve seen the northern lights.
Just right there.
Up in the sky.

click on photo for more amazing images.


  • Jayci on Mar 13, 2011

    SOOOOO spectacular.. : ) There is no one word to describe what it’s like seeing them! I couldn’t do it justice when explaining them to my family. Your pictures are beautiful.

  • Laura on Mar 11, 2011

    What stunning photos! I hope to see them one day. Come to think of it, the aurora australis too!

  • Tam on Mar 11, 2011

    What a spectacular memory that can be relived with these truly awesome captures.

    x Tam

  • Nicole on Mar 11, 2011

    They are quite something, aren’t they? I’m so glad you got to see them before you leave Alaska!

    I’ve been very lucky, I’ve seen them many times in my life, mostly on canoe-camping trips up north.

    Have a sweet weekend!